Monday, July 15, 2013

A Case for Prop Roots

Headed to school in a bit to meet with district tech people, Mrs. Hermsen (Bryant's technology coach) and Mr. Ernst (head custodian).  As the district moves forward with installing updated technology labs in every building we are finalizing details on Bryant's lab today!  I'm very excited about the ways the updated lab will support teaching and learning and proud to serve in a district that is firmly committed to developing 21st Century citiziens.

Just wrapped up some work for an eCourse I'm taking, Educational Leadership in the Digital Age.  The format is online so I'm connecting with educators from around the world and learning so much.  We were challenged to use an image along with six words to communicate our vision for teaching and learning.  Here's my 6-Word Memoir.  Despite being born and raised in Iowa I didn't know about prop roots until a few years ago.  It's really a  very cool concept.  According to, "Most corn plants develop prop root, extra roots that form above ground and eventually penetrate the soil.  These help to anchor the heavy plant."

That's how I see my role as an educator and as a parent.  Being a prop root for our children may not be glamorous, but it's essential to their growth and development and extremely rewarding.  Please consider sharing your own 6-Word Memoir that represents your vision, or perhaps you'll leave a comment about mine.

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